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For those foolish enough to love and fight for the NHS

SPECIAL MEASURES takes a deep breath and examines the truth about the origins of the NHS CRISIS and who is to blame.


Is it the Doctors? The Nurses?


Is it the OLD GITS - the ageing population with complex needs?


Is it the FAT GITS - obese poor people who will insist on eating junk food after their minimum wage shift work.


Or is the MAD GITS - dementia relatives who refuse to die?

Featuring songs from:

Frank Sinatra

John Grant

Stephen Sondheim

Louis Armstong

Lily Allen

Englebert Humperdink

Tears for Fears

and more

Whose NHS?

Well it was ours... and we are fighting to get it back again


The show offers a rare chance to understand what is going on inside our NHS in a very different way.  Steve comes complete with sound system, megaphone and rubber ducks! You just need a pub, club or village hall.


Contact Steven for more details.

Steve captures the tears, the laughter but most of all the spirit and determination to fight for our NHS.  You're left a little shocked yet uplifted and inspired."  

Lorna, Hands off Hinchingbrooke

Anthems for Accidental Activists


NOW BOOKING for 2020

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A musical cabaret inspired by the country's greatest institution and those with the faith to fight...

Cambridge - Hilary

It will make you laugh, cry and most importantly angry! You'll leave wanting to do something!


Chorley - Jenny

An absolutely brilliant night at Special Measures! Huge thanks to him for bringing this wonderful show to Chorley. The best campaign night in a long while! Brilliant!


Grantham - Fighting4LifeLincs

Everyone should see this show, a good mix of information,  entertainment and audience participation. Energetic, but also soulful at times. I would happily recommend this thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Norwich - Sue

'Grab your maracas and shimmy along to this fun event with a serious agenda. Steve highlights the gradual erosion of the NHS we know and love from under our noses .  Great singalong tunes and  his “Quango quango quango” is not to be missed !'


Huddersfield - CK999

If you want to find out what's really going on with the NHS this is the show to see. Brought a tear to many eyes - for all sorts of reasons.


This May Hurt a Bit

I'm grateful to Out Of Joint Theatre Co. for their kind permission to use this scene from their 2014 play "This May Hurt a Bit".


If we lose the NHS it will hurt a lot!

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