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By Steven Carne, Nov 7 2013 11:14AM

Well I was trawling through the net as you do the other night and I kept coming across this word MEGGINGS. "What the bloody hell is that?" I asked my other half who is usually in the know about such things but even he was nonplussed. So online I go to find out. Turns out MEGGINGS are the latest fashion statement for men! Leggings for men! Yes!


No longer is stretchy lycra the domain of fat thighed women who we should be celebrating for being so generous with their bodies but really should be told "if your lovely belly is round your knees dont wear lycra". Men too can look like arses in thick tights!

I decided I had to try them out cos I'm just that sort of guy and discoverd I have a fashion tip for all those men out there who hate spending loads of dosh on fashion season rubbish but want that cutting edge look to stave off the suede panel cardigan and comfy slacks your Dad used to wear. Get an old pair of Long Johns - (Long Jonz is my brand), add old pair of thick wool socks, pair of DM's and wayhey! you're away and partying with Vivienne! (Westwood).

They are remarkably comfy and certainly I did get plenty of looks when I went to get the milk and papers frm the village shop this morning.

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