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By Steven Carne, Oct 4 2013 11:07AM

After twelve weeks the time has come to leave. I’m happy. I’m relieved. I’m sad. I’m troubled. Happy to be going home to see loved ones and familiar walls with paintings on that I have chosen to live with and looked at everyday for the last eight years (at least). Relieved that the continual stress of dealing as respectfully as I can with another culture and language is soon to be over. It’s exhausting having to keep the brain in gear of being explanatory in tone whilst you speak. I’m sad to be leaving a country full of lovely people. Malawi is like East Anglia only with a lot more hills. It’s beauty does not hit you right away. It takes a little while. But it does creep into your soul. Troubled because I really have no idea if what I do here actually does any good? Is a film really something that can help people to create better lives for themselves?

We can but try. Goodbye Malawi I wish you well. Listen to your own truths and not those who only want you to grow so they can sell you more rubbish...

I'm the (still) fat one on the left looking troubled for some reason.

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